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Recorded sessions from Turtle's 100% remote, 0% equity accelerator for product founders.

Closing guest session with Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab

Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab, joins us for very special last guest session of Founder Lab. The discussion is heavily focused around growing remote-first companies. With over 700 employees, GitLab is one of the 3 largest all-remote companies in the world.

Week 6: Dev-ready specs

Dev-ready (as in software development ready) specs are the key building block of successful software projects. Getting them right is critical -- but doesn't have to be that hard.In this final session, we review what makes for great dev-ready specs and go over a few examples.

In this final session, we review what makes for great dev-ready specs and go over a few examples.

Guest: Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab, is joining us for a final guest session on August 23rd. Recording will be posted shortly.
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Week 5: Management

Every team needs management. It may not need a world class project manager tomorrow, but it needs direction and management in getting to that direction. Learn the tools and processes for simple yet  effective management of software teams large and small.

Guest: Pranav Sachdev, CEO at Glyph

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Week 4: Budgeting

Hourly rates let you budget weeks and months in the early stages. Salaries let you budget years in later stages. As an early stage founder, your product teams are likely to be combinations of salaried and hourly employees. Learn how to budget both -- especially as it comes to software dev.

Guests: Tim Delisle and Bryan Russet, co-founders at Datalogue.
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Week 3: Development, with multiple guests

What does a full-stack web and mobile app looks like today? Who are the different developers who may be involved? The different systems that may be used? We review a simple and more complicated software stack. We go over ideal spec formats and how to think about scoping and budgeting.

5 developers join to play a live voting game of "how many hours would this feature take to build?" and discuss what to do and what not to do when working with developers.

Guests include:
- Andy Tiffany, founder at First Step Coding, Dir of Eng at Stitch Labs, and author of Zero to Coder
- Venkat Dinavahi, cofounder and CTO at Turtle
- Roman Semin, developer from Russia
- Vitor Cesco, developer from Brazil
- André Padez, developer from Colombia
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Week 2: Design, with guest Alex Lakas (LinkedIn, Google)

What is design? Should you be the one designing your first product or should you hire others? 
Anyone can play a critical role in the design process -- even if that means your design medium is text. With some practice, anyone can wireframe and communicate priority in their designs.

Alex Lakas (@LinkedIn, prev @Google), joins us (starts at 26:30) to talk about his journey as a designer and what startup founders can do to best work with designers like him.
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Week 1: Intro to product development

10 founders, building everything from audio to comedian-connection to aligner therapy tech products, across 3 countries and 5 timezones attend Founder Lab V1. In week 1, meet the founders, hear what guests are joining for upcoming sessions, and get a high-level overview of the software development ecosystem.
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