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One app to fluidly add freelance software developers to your team each month, powered by tools built for great teamwork.

Currently available for React, React Native, iOS, and Android development.

Get To Market, Faster.

Match with a top flex-time engineer to help with your front-end dev needs each month.

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Test into a network of top dev talent and work flexibly with promising startups around the globe.

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How it works
Facilitate Trust

From matching talent with backlogs, to code assessments, to co-pilots for ensured success, Turtle creates an open and transparent environment.


A lightweight chat app for asynchronous work, weekly video syncs, easy file sharing, and progress updates.


Track time against tasks, monitor spend and budget, and let us take care of hiring, onboarding, and payroll for devs.

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Work Through Chat
Assign priorities, track time to tasks, and mark tasks complete all within chat.
"Platform is easy to use, budget feature is really nice to have. Quality is top notch. Working through chat like this feels magical!"
Clarence Lee
Digital Marketing Professor @ Cornell
Hire a software developer
hire a software developer
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Manage Budgets Transparently
Actions in chat sync to your budget in real-time
Turtle is a one stop shop for managing projects, tasks and invoicing.
It's so easy to manage your time and where the money is going
Hire a software developer
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Scale Up or Down
With a Click
Hire only for what you need, with flexibility to adjust your budget and engineering needs anytime.
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Products built with Turtle
Launched iOS app within 6 months

Marcel's incredibly talented design and product team worked with an iOS engineer on Turtle to bring art career management to your pocket.
"I talk so much about Turtle. I fully trust your sourcing abilities and love how clearly you do business."
Gal Bracha
Chief Technology Officer
I put an app on the App Store in under 45 days from start to finish
Acquired by WeWork

Th Spacious team developed the front-end of their mobile and web apps with Turtle, as part of their mission to transform unused urban space into a city-wide network of drop-in workspaces where you can plug-in, meet, and stay focused.
Thomas Daly
Chief Product Officer
"Turtle quickly became an extension of our team, cutting out a long recruiting process and adding firepower when we needed it the most."
Spacious App
Spacious App
Marcel App
Marcel App
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Turtle app handles the traditionally messy parts of software dev through a simple chat experience.

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Match with a top flex-time engineer and clean up your backlog, so you can ship product even sooner.

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Test into a network of top dev talent and work flexibly with promising startups around the globe.

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